In the churchyard of St. Mary’s Faversham is the headstone marking the burial place of Michael Greenwood (b. 1732 d. 1812).

Greenwood was press-ganged into the Royal Navy in Faversham marketplace at the age of 16. Aboard the Litchfield, he was shipwrecked in 1758 and captured by Moors along with other members of the crew.

In 1760 the British government paid a ransom and Greenwood returned to Kent. His childhood sweetheart, Sophia, had waited for him to return to England, believing all along that he was alive. On the headstone is his own poem:

Nov 29 1758 in the Litchfield I was wrecked
Upon the Barbary shore
And seventeen months in slav’ry
I toil’d with many more

The headstone is in the first row behind the railings on the north-west section of the churchyard. Restored during the later 1900s, it is now eroded to such an extent to be illegible from any distance.

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