St. Martin's, Whenby, North Yorks.

St. Martin’s, Whenby, North Yorks.

The Medieval Parish Churches of England is a course taught in the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of York,  charting the development of the English parish church from earliest parish foundations in the seventh century to the turbulent changes at the time of the English Reformation during the sixteenth.


The course consists of ten two-hour sessions and progresses chronologically, week one being a study of the earliest foundations of the parish, week ten being a study of the impact of the Reformation.

The course is an introduction to scholarly study of parish churches and sessions draw upon  historical, archaeological, art-historical and literary sources.

Students come from a range of backgrounds Рsome have already studied history, archaeology or architecture and are looking to further their knowledge of parish churches, while others have little or no experience of academic study but are looking to pursue their interest in these magnificent  historic buildings.

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For further information about the course please contact the University of York Centre for Lifelong Learning.