In the churchyard at All Saints’, Snodland, in Kent, is the burial place of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn, who died in 1850.

Wag horn became a lieutenant in the Royal Navy and pioneered the overland route to India. In 1817, having left the navy, he became third mate on a merchant ship, regularly visiting Calcutta. He Joined the Bengal Marine Pilot Service in 1819 and subsequently devised a way of transporting coal from Cairo to Suez, reducing the price to £4 per ton from £20. He established stations along the route and paid Arabs to transport the coal by camel. He was the author of Particulars of an Overland Journey from London to Bombay by way of the Continent, Egypt and the Red Sea in 1831 and Overland Mails to India and China in 1843.

Despite his achievements he died destitute, the government failing to repay his expenses!

A statue of Waghorn stands on Gibraltar Hill, Chatham.

Unfortunately, All Saints was locked when visiting on Boxing Day 2014.